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Zen and the Art of Hybrid Shaving

-- My Shaving Way Every Morning --

  • Hybrid shaving is a shaving method using electric shaver and blade razor with brush produced lather.
  • Hybrid shaving gives refreshing and exhilarating feeling every morning, and it saves time!


1. Wet/dry type water-proof washable electric shaver
2. Blade razor, preferably double-edge razor
3. Shaving brush, preferably made of badger bristle
4. Soap
5. Aftershave soother


1. Wash your face by soap

2. Using a shaving brush, produce lather (soap foam) on your face

Excerpt from Maxton site
Shaving_brush_and_soap_largeA shaving brush is good for your skin

Using a shaving brush fills your shaving soap with water, what this does is create a thicker lather than you would be able to achieve by just using your hands to spread it out.
When you are applying the lather to your face, it removes dry skin cells and softly exfoliates your skin at the same time. Applying shaving cream with your hands doesn’t have the same benefits. When you exfoliate your skin, the risks of ingrown hairs is drastically reduced.

A shaving brush provides a closer shave

Unlike when you use your hands, using a shaving brush actually raises the hairs and makes them a little softer as well. When those little hairs on your face are both raised and soft, you get a much closer and smoother shave without any tug or pull.

Shaving soap benefits

Shaving_man_largeBecause shaving soap does not have as many scents added to it like most shaving cream does, shaving soap is generally easier on the skin for those who have a sensitive skin. Good shaving soap provides a thick lather that also offers up more cushion and a smoother, gliding shave. Shaving soap might not be easy to use for beginners, but it has many advantages.

3. Using a wet/dry type water-proof washable electric shaver, shave lightly

Excerpt from Philips (Amazon) site
At890_1_lAquaTouch wet and dry electric shaver--great skin protection, smooth shave

Now enjoy a refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. The Aquatec seal ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Use it wet with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort.

When you want to look your very best, Philips has the right shaving solution for you. Philips offers a complete range of shavers to suit your needs and deliver the perfect shaving experience, every time. The AquaTouch series is for a convenient and quick wet and dry electric shave without any skin damage to make your shaving routine simpler, easier and faster.

4. Using a blade razor, shave gently the left-over beard

Excerpt from Seki Edge site
Double_edge_razor_2What You Don't Know about Shaving with a Double Edge Razor

As a man, getting the perfect shave seems so cliché. But cliché as it may sound, getting a great shave has always been an important result for a man’s grooming routine. It is important to note that picking the right razor is key.

In order to have a great shave it’s best to use a double edge razor as opposed to a cartridge razor. Why? Because you get a better value for your shaver. It’s less expensive to replace blades than cartridges. A double edge razor also cuts hair cleaner than cartridge razors as cartridge blades can get clogged easily with hairs. There is also a difference in how cartridge razors are used versus double edge razors. Cartridge razors are designed to remove as much hair as possible at one time and a double edge razor works by gradually reducing hair with each pass. Although it may take up to three passes to remove all of the hair, the results are worth it.

5. Apply aftershave soother

Excerpt from About.com
FinishAfter your shave, rinse the face with a splash of cool and pat dry with a towel. Apply a quality after-shave balm like Truefitt & Hill's Ultimate Comfort Aftershave BalmXT to moisturize the skin and promote healing. Finally, you'll want to rinse your shaving brush and hang it with the bristles facing down to allow the brush to dry and prevent water from collecting in the handle and softening the glue that holds the bristles together. Doing this will ensure years of use from your badger shaving brush.


Wet/dry type water-proof washable electric shaver: Panasonic ES-GA21-K811 Men Wet & Dry Rechargeable Linear Shaver
(For travelling) Wet/dry type water-proof washable electric shaver:Braun Shaver Series1 190s-1

Blade razor: Gillette Sensor Excel
Shaving brush: Tweezerman Men's Shaving Brush

Aftershave: Clinique Post-Shave Soother


1. Brush your face to cleanse the dirt from your pores, not just to produce lather.
2. Use electric shaver lightly. Do not care about any left-over beard in curved or soft portion around chin and throat.
3. The left-over beard will be shaved off by the follow-on gentle strokes of blade razor.


Every hybrid shaving gives;

1. Refreshing and exhilarating feeling
2. Excellent cleansing effect by brush and soap
3. Least damage to skin
And, it saves time!

After weeks of this hybrid shaving, your face will become refined and sophisticated.



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You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I'm looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

投稿: air max one | 2013.05.31 00:23

The hybrid shaving is not so complicated as you think. It actually saves time for shaving every morning. Try it using any razor somewhere around.

投稿: Synthesist | 2013.06.01 08:43





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